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Try LIMB Processing today for all your image post processing

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An on demand digital library that allows the user to host various digital collections for the world to experience. Offered as both a monthly subscription or a one time license cost.

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An unique software solution for planning, prioritizing and optimizing digitization projects at the same time, across multiple devices. It works seamlessly with LIMB Processing and LIMB Gallery to manage digital conversion projects. 

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A professional imaging processing software with all of the QC, metadata creation, and file conversion tools required for modern day digitization projects

A complete software suite to manage, process, and distribute your digital assets

LIMB Software Suite

Learn why LIMB is the choice of digitization departments and service bureaus all over the world

Easily design and manage your workflow for multiple projects with real time reporting of different stages of production.

Imaging workflows that used to require multiple software tools from different vendors are now offered in one software suite for seamless compatibility.

Collections can be uploaded to a fully configurable digital library with multi faceted searching capabilities.

Increase Productivity
Consolidate Workflow
Manage Project Efficiently
Easily Share Content

LIMB is specifically made to process mass quantities of images using a wide variety of conversion tools specific for book and document digitization.

But how do LIMB Processing, Maestro, and Gallery work together?

Full LIMB Suite Workflow

Improve your workflow today with a free                       of LIMB Processing 

Our Clients

University of Michigan
Cleveland Museum of Art
Harvard University
Backstage Library Works
City of Palm Springs
University of Pittsburgh
University of Florida
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