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LIMB Gallery

Polished digital library to publish and share your content online

LIMB Gallery

The Professional Choice for Content Publishing and Management Software

LIMB Gallery offers the user two different packages that vary by where the content is hosted 

Viewing Digital Libraries on all devices

What is LIMB Gallery?

LIMB Gallery (formally known as YooLIB) is the easiest and fastest way to build and share your collections online. Focusing on enriching and sharing, LIMB Gallery is the best solution to publish, manage and share your content online.

Delivered with an eye catching user interface that includes tools to guide the user and maximize the discovery of requested/related information, the overall presentation is made to be simple and clear for an enjoyable user experience. Gallery is the final tool from the LIMB suite of products needed to make your materials available to the world.

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Limb Gallery
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Publishing - Connect and share in today's digital world

You can directly export media and metadata to the LIMB Gallery Library for publishing. You can then assign media to collections and categories for organizational purposes.

Viewing scanned collections online

Document Search - Quickly find what you're looking for

The intuitive and multi faceted search features allow the user to easily search and find documents

  • Full text search can search inside the text of an O.C.R.'d document to find specific text

  • Faceted search allows the user to search documents using specified fields such as authors, dates, etc.

Screenshot of search features in LIMB Gallery
Multiple book collections displayed in LIMB Gallery

Display - View your collections in optimized formats

​Collections can be displayed in a variety of ways to provide you relevant and specific information. Some displays are:

  • Image Mosaic allows the user to have a quick overview of all the images

  • Time Line display shows the images chronologically with option to pick specified time period

  • Geo-Location display allows the user to add and view geographic location information in the metadata

Additional Features - Enrich your projects with even more capabilities

  • No image size limits on images

  • Social networking tools to easily share the content by most common tools such as Facebook, Twitter, mail, etc.

  • Assign and edit multiple metadata fields

  • Gallery provides advanced statistics for detail analysis

Create Favorites in LIMB Gallery

See LIMB Gallery in Action

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