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Process, Manage, Distribute 

LIMB Suite

LIMB Suite Overview

LIMB is the first software suite that covers all aspects of the digitization process. It manages projects from preparation to final export for online distribution, publishing, and long term archiving. LIMB has the ability to create and manage metadata for the entire project by using an intuitive workflow management interface.

Import Collections 
Enhance Images
Quality Control
Supervise Workflow
Share Content
Full LIMB Suite Workflow

A step by step tool that ingests large or small batches of scanned images and performs all the necessary image enhancements for today's digitization projects. 

LIMB Processing Logo
Import Digital Images

Images captured from any scanner or device can be uploaded to LIMB

Image Quality Control

Automated tool that analyzes each image to ensure they came out as intended

Image Processing

Choose from a variety of tools to clean-up and enhance batches of images

Optical Character Recognition

Turn your scanned images into actual searchable content with OCR

Structuring PDFs

Easily organize and tag your PDFs based on book content (Preface, body, chapters, etc)

Multiple Exports

Make multiple exports with a variety of formats (PDF, TIFF, JPG, XML, JPG2000, etc)

Publish Your Content

Seamlessly upload your finished images to LIMB

Gallery, FTP, or other sites

Metadata Creation

Import descriptive metadata from your catalogs or an external catalog

Multiple Packages

Purchase either the desktop version for moderate use or the server version for mass production

LIMB Maestro

A supervision software to use in conjunction with other LIMB products to plan, prioritize, and optimize mass digitization projects

Design your workflow

Easily design your global workflow based on your unique requirements

Detailed Reporting

Supervisors can monitor all steps of production with real time reports

Track Your Documents

A barcode assigned to each document/book that is scanned at each production stage

Prioritize Jobs

Tag a job, collection, or single book to quickly put through your workflow

Detailed Logging

Log all events and ensure communication among your whole team

Organized Production

Centralizes all activities done by each participant of the production process

Beginning to End

Track all stages of production from doc prep to scanning to delivery

Progressive Notes

Operators can leave comments at each stage of production to share

Estimate Productivity 

The software can automatically detect possible conflicts and predict project completion

LIMB Maestro Logo
LIMB Gallery

LIMB Gallery is the easiest solution to share your digital images, videos, audio and metadata online by creating and personalizing a digital library.

LIMB Gallery Logo
Great User Experience

An intuitive interface with multiple way to view and browse content

Multiple Viewers

Browse and access content by localization, chronological, page flipping book, or mosaic

All Size Libraries

The hosted library has annual subscription packages for 1,000 images up to millions of images

Powerful Search Engine

Patrons can easily browse and search collections by a variety of methods

Hosted or License

Gallery is offered as either a hosted subscription or a one time license cost

Manage Collections

Easy to use back office to add and manage your digital library

Share Your Library

Increase your visibility and online presence with Facebook share features

Multi Platform

Patrons can visit your library from any computer, tablet, or phone

Fully Customizable

Use your logos, color schemes, and custom headers to promote your organization

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