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LIMB Processing

Exceptional Image Processing Software for Mass Digitization

LIMB Processing Software

The Professional Choice for Workflow Management Software

LIMB Processing allows libraries, archives, digitization departments, and service bureaus to enrich scanned images by providing tools to cleanup, QC, add metadata, and convert to a variety of formats.

What is LIMB Processing?

LIMB Processing is a complete solution to process, enrich and convert media into digital assets. It is the link between scanned images and many different end uses such as a digital library, long term archiving, eBook publishing and more.

LIMB Processing was developed with a dedication to the post processing of all cultural documents (books, archives, ledgers, newspapers, maps, photographs and artwork etc.). Existing image sets of TIFF or JPEG files can be processed right alongside newly digitized materials adding value to your content with new structural metadata. The easy to use interface has a variety of different parameters and settings that guides the user in a step by step process. 

LIMB Processing is fully compatible with images captured from any scanner

LIMB Processing Logo
LIMB Processing Workflow

Image processing is the first link between scanning and exporting; LIMB goes beyond basic editing to give you leading edge technology with intuitive algorithms.

  • LIMB Processing allows the user to choose manual and automated image processing algorithms.

  • Standard features are included, such as deskew, resize, binarize, contrast, brightness, etc.

  • Unique features include background removal, curvature correction, lighting correction and image segmentation.

Image Processing - Getting started couldn't be easier

LIMB Image Processing Script

Structuring - Make image navigation easy with structured templates

The easy tagging interface makes it easy to set up fully navigational collections, no matter how large the project

  • Users can tag images with page numbers, covers, body paragraphs, chapters, table of contents, etc.​

  • Automatically links the OCR'd table of contents and links it to the pages in the book

  • Automatically extracts illustrations to generate table of illustrations

Screenshot of Document Structuring

LIMB Processing offers either ABBYY or IRIS OCR engines to recognize text and make searchable documents.

  • IRIS can search over 137 different languages

  • ABBYY Fine Reader offers over 180 different languages including Greek and Latin alphabets

  • Additional languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Thai, and Fraktur offered at an additional price

O.C.R. - Search, read, edit and improve

Screenshot of LIMB OCR Features

Conversion - Migrate information to new formats for easy export

LIMB allows you to import and export in a variety of image formats and then output to your desired destination. 

  • Supported formats are: TIFF, Multi-page TIFF, JPG, JP2, PDF, Searchable PDF, POD PDF and PDF-A

  • Directly output to a FTP directory or a digital repository.

File Format Conversion Graphic

Additional Features & Spefications

  • Compatible with images from manual and automatic scanners

  • Seamlessly integrates with LIMB Gallery and LIMB Maestro

  • Works with all type of documents including books, magazines, letter/legal, newspapers, maps, plats and county record books.

LIMB Screenshot of multiple projects being processed

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