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LIMB Maestro

Efficiently plan, prioritize, and optimize digitization projects

LIMB Maestro

The Professional Choice for Workflow Supervision Software

What is LIMB Maestro?

LIMB Maestro is a unique and easy solution to planning, prioritizing and optimizing digitization projects. Working as a supervisor with Processing and Gallery, LIMB Maestro is there at every step of the process so you can build and share your collections. With a focus on saving time and enriching productivity, LIMB Maestro  helps you design your digitization process, plan jobs, ensure communication and monitor all your projects. 

Delivered with a simple user interface, the overall presentation is made to be an enjoyable user experience. Maestro is the supervisory tool from the LIMB suite of products needed to make your materials available to the world.

LIMB Maestro Logo

Design & Customize Your Workflow - Have complete control over your projects

With LIMB Maestro, it's very simple to define the steps of your workflows for organized and efficient projects

  • Define the conditions for each project

  • Transition screens for operators make navigation simple

  • Real time information on project progress keeps you informed

LIMB Maestro Screenshot of step statistics
LIMB Suite Overview and Workflw

Track Your Documents - Know what's happening at every step

A barcode number is assigned to each book or document which is used throughout the entire process  

  • The tracking report is automatically updated after each workflow step

  • With the barcode, at any point in time, users can see the item's digitization status from history to future tasks

  • Operators can leave comments or instructions for other shared users

Overview of PC Monitor using LIMB

With LIMB Maestro, you can do more than customize and track. Maestro automatically generates activity and statistics reports providing users with timely and valuable information

  • Clearly see view project process and remaining workflow steps 

  • Check productivity trends and statistics

Reporting Module - Manage activity and statistics

LIMB Maestro Screenshot of Processe Stats

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